A guide to
the Pegasus Mail MAIL Directory

Below is a description of the Pegasus Mail MAIL directory.

The general purpose of the MAIL directory is being the root of the users mail directory where all mail and information about a users mail and mailbox is stored.

Depending on the way the program is configured, the mail directory resides al follows:

You can find the exact location of your Pegasus Mail MAIL directory in the Program information, which you can find going to HELP -> About Pegasus Mail -> Info, on the line "Home mailbox location".

Information about most files and extensions, you see when you look in the directory that acts as MAIL directory, can be found on the Files and extensions page.

One file that resides in the MAIL directory is the PMAIL.USR file. This file must be in the root of the mailboxes and contains the bnames of all users.

Besides those files you can find some sub directories (actually not all need to be there):

In normal operation there is hardly any need to work with those files, but some of them can make e-mail live a bit easier.

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