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juli 2009:   After the release of the 4.50 public beta, the following items are changed in the program:

  • When using the address autocompletion, pressing a comma or semicolon will accept the current autocompletion suggestion.
  • Autocompletition is now fixed. It was broken when you had addressbook selected by key.
  • Address completion should now function correctly right out to the 16384-character maximum address length supported by the program.
  • The new feature, which I think will be very significant for a lot of users, is autofiltering. Autofiltering is a highly simplified way of doing the single most common filtering task - filing mail based on sender. Simply mark any folder as autofiltering via a single right-click (you can also do it as part of the folder creation process), then copy or move a message from the sender or senders you want filtered into that folder; that's it. From that point on, the program will automatically file both messages received from that person and copies-to-self for messages you send to that person in that folder.
  • There is now an indication in the Help About Info that autofltering is active
  • An indication of the last reported number of messages in the new mail folder is now added to the Help About Info section.
  • Help -> Help index will now work.
  • When using "Forward message to" autocompletion ending with commas is added
  • The Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable "result" is being used without being defined is fixed.
  • "Omit headers" wouldn't work if you are replying to an HTML section from a multipart message. It will work fine if you are replying to a plain text section, or to a single-part HTML message. Fixed
  • The old-style "original message" separator line is now used any time you don't have a custom header in a reply to an HTML message when "preserve format" is turned on.
  • The same logic used to sort messages is applied to the subject field of replies... So, any leading "reply kruft" is now stripped out as the field is constructed, leaving just a single "Re:"
  • Specific help doesn't show after used Forward button with "Help-Specific help" but only with F1 - Fixed
  • When printing with the ~P a personal name longer than 29 characters caused problems. Fixed
  • New icons showing autofiltering folders - coloured for active and greyed-out for inactive.
  • New menu option in the autofiltering right-click menu allows you to start a new message to the autofiltering target addresses for the folder.
  • The Active state for autofiltering has been split into two - you can now enable filing and gathering separately. Once you've gathered all the addresses you want, you can simply disable gathering and no further addresses will be harvested when you move or copy a message into the folder, although message filing will still happen. You can also disable filing while leaving gathering active.
  • Removing autofiltering should now be possible whether or not autofiltering is is currently active in the folder.
  • All the "button disabled" (grey) 16-colour bitmaps are pulled, which should have freed up enough resource space to allow for normal operation and a little growth for Win98 systems.

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