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04-Sept-08:   Last Changes for public beta 4.50-1:

  • Pegasus Mail now includes a utility program called MBXMAINT.EXE, which allows both commandline-driven and interactive maintenance of Pegasus Mail mailboxes from outside the program. MBXMAINT can be used to move mailboxes, check and repair folders, and to compress deleted space from folders. To use MBXMAINT, simply run the EXE file without any parameters.
  • The Pegasus Mail "Move home mailbox" option now works (at last, Hallelujah!). It actually exits the program and invokes MBXMAINT to do the move, then restarts.
  • The "$" order extension has been adjusted to reflect the program's current status, and now solicits donations
  • Help file is updated and the installer is modified.

30-Aug-08:   Changes in beta 16 - 19:

  • When you drop an attachment on the attachment window in the message editor, it will now be listed directly without having to refresh the window.
  • If having the spellchecker just to the right of the window being checked would result in the checker dialog's right-hand edge falling outside the WinPMail frame window, it positions the checker so it appears fully within the WinPMail frame window, by adjusting the location of the left-hand edge.
  • If WinPMail has to reposition the spellchecker dialog and the window it is checking is a single-line edit control, it positions the checker just below the window it is checking.
  • When replying to a message with preserving HTML formatting, the Richt text check box in the message editor is now checked automatically.
  • When resending a message that was composed with "Rich text", now the "Rich text" flag will be restored.
  • The "Insert horizontal line" button on the toolbar can now be used no matter where the cursor appears in the line: if the cursor is not at the start of a line, a new line will be created and the horizontal line will be created there. The cursor is now also moved to the start of the following line once the new horizontal line has been added
  • The Pegasus Mail 'Tool Tip' in the Windows statusbar will now display the Pegasus Mail username.
  • Disconnecting an added mailbox, could in some cases cause a crash, this is now fixed.
  • When Pegasus Mail is busy compressing or reindexing a folder, Windows will frequently mark the taskbar button and titlebar with "Pegasus Mail (Not Responding)", this will no longer happen.
  • In Step 4 of the Mail Filtering Rule Wizard, there's a "Browse..." button. That button now actually works.
  • Changing the sorting mode of a message list now correctly changes the anchor point in the list
  • Using CTRL and Space to do disjoint selection in a message list now correctly moves the anchor point... To clarify: you use Shift+Down to select a few messages, then hold down Ctrl, move down 3 messages, and press Space only the messages from the point where you pressed Ctrl+Space will be selected. This is intuitively the correct behaviour.
  • A number of cases (such as type-through in message lists) which would result in the anchor remaining in the old place even though a new message has been selected have been fixed.
  • Quick lookup [shift+F3] and address completition will now work from addressbooks, they were broken in the early 4.41 version.
  • The Pegasus Mail message editor now supports full justification (flush both on the left and on the right).
  • In filter rules "Standard header rule" does not check for the decoded version of the respctive header, but for the encoded version of that header when BASE64 is used. This is now fixed
  • The new reply buttons will now respect the identity that is set to be used for a specific folder. It didn't in all cases.
  • The DList manager now always prompt when deleting DLists.
  • You can now sort the Saved messsages window.
  • The "Change user" option on the "File" menu has now been removed from the program, it casuses far to much trouble in daily use. Use a 2nd copy of Pegasus Mail instead using the -i and/or -id commandline options.
  • WinPMail is now set so that no IMAP sessions are connected at startup if TCP loading is disabled.
  • The IMAP profile dialog is modified so that the "Connect" button is greyed out if TCP loading is disabled.
  • The pmail.ini will now be updated after any change in quick copy/move settings.

25-May-08:   Changes in beta 15:

  • This build includes a new transcript generation option (on the "Special" page of the message editor). This function requires Mercury/32 and will add an "X-Transcript-to:" header to the outgoing message.
  • There is now automatic size and placement memory for the message editor window. The "Save window size" option on the menu has been removed.
  • There are some changes to the way the help works: when you invoke help, it now attempts to open the "Contents" list to an appropriate point, either by expanding the list in such a way that the topic itself is selected, or if the topic is not present in the contents list, so that the most relevant topic group is selected.

01-Mar-08:   Recent changes in the program

  • There is now a function to reindex addressbooks:
    *   If the index file is simply absent, the program will automatically reindex the
        addressbook when it attempts to open it.
    *   The "Book..." button menu now has a "Reindex addressbook" command that will 
        unilaterally rebuild the index.

    Because the index only ever holds a snapshot of the data stored in the master record, reindexing is a completely safe operation. These two actions will deal with the majority of cases where people have problems with addressbook indexes becoming damaged.

Jan-08:   Some things did change during the process of moving the codebase to Visual C++ and beta testing after that move:

  • A completely redesigned help system had to be made because Microsoft has stopped supporting the hlp help system on Vista.
  • The "Reply" button has become a button with an option selector (a little down-pointing arrow at the right-hand side). If you click in the option selector (it changes to green to indicate that a click will activate it), you'll get a context menu that allows you to select from "Reply with options", "Quick reply using last settings", "Reply-to-all using last settings", and "Reply using a template'. There are also three more menu options that allow you to set the default behaviour of a normal button click (so, you can have the default behaviour of a click be any of the three basic reply options). For keystroke accelerators, You can select a conventional reply-with-options by pressing 'R', a quick reply by pressing 'Q', and a reply-to-all by pressing 'A'.
  • The subject line is now checked by the Spellchecker.
  • In some cases the address in the default identity would not be removed when using reply-to-all. Fixed now.
  • The Ctrl+ and Ctrl- functions to resize column widths are now remapped to Ctrl+Shift + and Ctrl+Shift -
  • Ctrl+ and Ctrl- (numerical keypad) are now used to move to next/prev unread message in the folder.
  • Links with a dot in the url could cause crashes, fixed.
  • There was a serious memory leak when using a specific group-view in folders. Fixed

From Jul-06
till Dec-07:
  Pegasus Mail has been made ready for compiling using newer tools, nothing is visible at the surface.

When you are interested in some of the problems, just read David's blog on the community site.

  • The pop-up parser error information window, which is much more frequently shown in version 4.4.1. is replaced by an entry in the System Messages debug window. So it will no longer interrupt downloading mail.

Any remarks or additions: Mail me!