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This page is now closed as the version 4.21 has been released.

02-May-04:   Additions and changes in the final beta's leading to version 4.21 (beta 30 and 31)
  • The codepage 1252 is corrected in the file wpm-lmtt.r in order to be compatible with Microsoft definitions.
  • The longstanding problem that hangup32 cannot be enabled/disabled in localized versions of the GUI is fixed
  • The attachment view of the message reader remembers its column widths now
  • A problem when sending mail through an UDG, saving the file and changing the reloaded file to another id, is fixed.
  • There is now a visible difference between "newmail rule processing" and "general ruleset processing" in the system messages
  • When using some specific colours for colouring messages by using a filter, the system messages window produced wrong information. Fixed now.
  • The i hotkey for message properties is fixed and the L hotkey is added to bring up the new filter create dialog, when a message is opened in it's own window.
  • To replace the -q command line option, a new pair of controls are added to the "general" group on the SMTP definition editor; they consist of a check box entitled "Use this domain name in the HELO/EHLO server greeting" and a text field where the user can enter a domain name.
  • The inactive bitmaps for the noticeboard window have now been corrected.
  • A large number of help modifications have been made, most notably a brief description of the new attachment rules, and a new section on rule actions (largely based on material contributed by Thomas Nimmesgern).
  • A SSL handshake error report in the POP3 module is fixed
  • Message-ID generation will now use the HELO/EHLO string instead of "localhost" when that field is filled.

27-Apr-04:   Additions and changes in beta's 26 up to 29
  • IMAP renames and creates using folders with accented characters should *finally* be sorted out.
  • You can now delete IMAP trays (i.e, folders that cannot contain messages).
  • Messages moved to an open IMAP folder should now be immediately accessible without having to close and reopen the folder.
  • The filtering rules engine should now properly decode RFC1522 headers when performing its tests. Note that because of this, it may no longer be possible to create rules that check for headers that contain particular RFC1522 encodings (like "big5" or whatever).
  • A glitch that caused certain rule processing actions to be unavailable in POP3 filtering rule sets has been corrected.
  • This version should fix a Windows 98 crash problem that occurred sometimes.
  • This version should now correctly send messages that only have a BCC field filled, if you were sending such a message via the built-in SMTP transport.
  • The help has been updated for IMAP, Content Control, Public Folders, the new "List display" preferences page, and proper help links have been added for the POP and SMTP selector pages.
  • The message preview pane in preview mode can now be turned on and off using a "Preview mode" option on the "Folders" menu. Pegasus Mail will now automatically turn off message preview whenever restarting after an abnormal program termination. The text displayed when message preview mode is disabled is contained in PREDIS.TXT and PR2DIS.TXT respectively
  • Continuing past the "Mailbox is locked" warning dialog will now put Pegasus Mail into "preview disabled" mode
  • The installer now deselects the "Create default users" option by default if it detects that an upgrade is possible.
  • The order form extension has been updated with new pricing.
  • Problems caused by particularly badly-malformed RFC1522 encoded headers should be fixed in this version.
  • The "Folder consistency" dialog should no longer be the old version if an error is detected prior to folder compression.
  • POP3/SMTP error reporting has been overhauled. It now uses the new-style error dialog created for folder errors, and also includes a rather natty transcript of the last 30 lines of the transaction between Pegasus Mail and the server. The hostname, profile name, and a plain English summary of the problem are also included.
  • The "What's new" section in the help files for both the program and the installer has been brought up to date.
  • The noticeboard window has new high-colour icons
  • The draft and queue manager windows have had the old-style bitmaps they contained brought up-to-date.
  • The internal number of messages that stops the new mail folder from refreshing is now set to 750.

12-Apr-04:   Additions and changes in beta's 22 up to 25
  • IMAP Offline Mode. A new "Use offline" button now exists in the IMAP profile list; provided the profile you select does not have "use fast folder listing commands" turned on and has been accessed at least once, you can use this command for any IMAP profile, and it will mount it without establishing a connection, working purely from cached data. The offline mode is completely read-only - you can't delete, move, create or anything except work with what's there - but in many cases it's very useful even with those restrictions in place.
  • A new right-click option now exists on all IMAP folders, "Cache all messages"; this allows you to get a folder completely client-side for offline operation.
  • Problems involving garbage messages in the destination folder after a Move or Copy operation, unread counters getting out of synch, and the local new mail folder being opened after a POP3 download, even when an IMAP folder has been promoted to primary new mail folder status are now fixed.
  • You can now filter on attachments. The Mercury/32 v4.01a attachment rule management routines is added to Pegasus Mail now. To create attachment filters, use the new "Attachments..." button when selecting the type of rule to create.
  • New filtering actions allow attachments to be saved to files, or deleted from the message. These actions are only available within rules that test attachments (i.e, you won't see them as a possible action if you create a basic "header" filtering rule).
  • A new filtering rule action now allows you to add headers to messages in the new mail folder (if you try to use this action on messages in other folders it will simply fail silently). There is a hidden trap in the "add header" action - you cannot test for a header you have added later in the same rule set, because actions are always processed *after all tests have been completed*.
  • A small memory leak in the filtering rules engine is fixed
  • leading and trailing spaces from IMAP hostnames are now stripped.
  • Renaming public-folders should now work correctly.
  • The "Run a program" filtering rule action now has an extra option that allows you to force Pegasus Mail to wait until the program has finished running before continuing.
  • The "Save attachment to file" rule action now has an extra option that tells Pegasus Mail to save the attachment to a directory using the filename specified in the message.
  • The Filtering Rule Wizard now has an "Exit rule processing" option. It also has a new option on the front page that allows the rule to be added to the Folder-close filtering set instead of the Folder-open set. The Wizard now also *only* creates rules for the new mail folder, even if the model message is in another folder.
  • Annotations should now be correctly saved in noticeboards again.
  • Superfluous spaces in a "List of extensions" attachment filtering rule should now be properly ignored.

25-Mar-04:   Additions and changes in beta's 20 and 21
  • If you have "Fast folder lists" selected in an IMAP profile, you will now get toggle boxes on all trays and trayfolders in that mailbox, whether or not they actually have descendent nodes.
  • There is now limited support for international characters in folder names.
  • New editor layout: you can now select a new default message editor layout that includes an Identity selector on the front page.
  • Filtering Rule Wizard. You can now click the new "Filter..." button in preview mode, classic mode or the message reader to bring up a filtering rule creation wizard.

22-Mar-04:   Additions and changes in beta's 15 - 19
  • The "Folder information" dialog is now completely changed, showing more information and options.
  • The folder manager list has new high-colour icons: there are now icons for folders that can only contain folders, folders that can only contain messages, and folders that can contain both.
  • The INBOX now sorts at the top of any connected IMAP mailbox.
  • An intermittent problem where Content Control would incorrectly detect certain types of non-HTML mail in its HTML-based tests has been corrected (uninitialized variables).
  • The flickering update in preview mode when moving or copying messages should no longer occur. The copy/move and sort operations are much faster now.
  • The right-click option for folder information should now be visible on trayfolders (the term used to describe a folder that can contain both folders and messages).
  • The "standard folder" icon in the folder list is modified, so that it's now a single envelope instead of a stack.
  • The "read new mail" toolbar button is overhauled
  • WinPMail should now properly respect the option for signature inclusion in messages; so, if you reply using an identity that has a different setting for signature inclusion from your current identity, the setting from the specified identity will now be used.
  • It should no longer be possible to drag splitter bars out-of-range: when you release them in an out-of-range position, the splitter will go as far as it is legal for it to go in that direction, but never out of bounds.
  • Visual feedback is added when dragging and dropping: the cell in the destination list where the drop will occur now highlights dynamically.
  • You can now right-click in a message list and choose "Message headers" to get a dialog containing only the headers of the message. The headers are completely unwrapped in any way and are shown exactly as they appear in the message. Pressing >ESC< or >Enter< will dismiss the dialog. This works in either preview or classic mode.
  • When doing a move or delete operation where one of the messages is marked read-only, the operation will now no longer abort when it hits the read-only message, although the read-only message will *not* be deleted or moved.
  • The right-click "Copy" option now works when the message reader's grey "header area" has focus, although the "Edit" menu command still does not.
  • When you switch between identities where the list banding values are different (for instance, from an ID where banding is enabled to one where it is not) the screen should now update immediately to reflect the new setting.
  • When changing identities the colours used in the folderslisting will update right away, when other colours are used
  • Clicking the button for a minimized window on the windowbar will now restore that window.
  • Buttons now highlight slightly when they rise to the mouse.
  • Another trick added is a "swap" function. If you press >Ctrl+Shift+S< in the message editor window, the To: and Cc: fields will be swapped with each other.
  • An incorrectly-precalculated value for the old-style alpha timezones. was used. This is fixed in the date-parser.
  • Annotations are now much more closely tied to the message to which they are attached - it should no longer be possible to end up getting an annotation associated with the wrong message any more. IMPORTANT NOTE! This is a one-way trip!! Your existing annotations will be preserved and imported into this beta, but they will no longer be available in earlier versions of the program. Annotations now also have long file names - this is simply unavoidable.

  • System-wide folders have been utterly overhauled: from this point, all references to them in the help and documentation will be changed to "Public folders" because this is more what people expect these days.

    • You can now create two types of public folders - "Global Attribute" folders, in which one set of message flags (such as "read" and "replied") and annotations is shared by all users, and "Personal Attribute" folders, in which each user retains his own flags and annotations for the folder, and they are unaffected by the action of any other user. You can mix and match both types of folder in any public folder tree.
    • A hierarchy level question on folder creation is moved into the folder creation dialog - so, if you select a folder that can contain folders (such as a public folder)and click the "Create new folder" button, you'll get a dialog that includes the question about where you want the folder created instead of a separate dialog.
    • You can now have as many separate public folder trees as your system will support (typically a maximum of 15) - see the new "Public folders" option on the "Tools" menu for defining this. Definitions for public folders are stored in a new section in PEGASUS.INI and are shared by everyone running the copy of Pegasus Mail. Public folders can be arranged in any order (the dialog has controls for this). The dialog will create the proper paths for you - no expertise is required to set up a shared folder directory now.
    • Annotations and all message flags all work in system-wide folders now - see above for a discussion of this. Note that if you drag one of your own messages with an annotation into a public folder, the annotation will also be copied correctly, and any flags set on the message will also be preserved during the copy operation.

  • Folder counters should now update correctly when moving messages to/from IMAP folders.
  • Large messages should now download via IMAP rather faster and without underrun/overrun errors.
  • You can now rename IMAP folders, but NOT (at this stage) trays.
  • When you right-click a Pegasus Mail local folder and check consistency, the error dialog that pops up if a problem is found has been totally overhauled.
  • The problem where local messages would get moved into an IMAP "deleted messages" folder if no local deleted messages folder existed has been corrected.

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